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Turkey Looks for Change

The BoE did as expected yesterday and raised rates to 4.5%, which the market took fully in its stride.

Interestingly, supermarkets have said that food prices are now past their peak and will start to fall significantly in coming months. The Times has the story:

The UK has confirmed that it is supplying long range weapons to Ukraine. Ben Wallace confirmed that the Storm Shadow cruise missiles are on the way, or already in country though Ukraine has given assurances that they will not be targeting anything outside of Ukraine. The missiles have a range of more than 150 miles and cost more than £2m each. Russia has threatened a military response.

The US has accused South Africa of supplying Russia with weapons and ammunition
through a covert operation. South Africa have responded by setting up an independent



inquiry to look into the allegations. The US has asked the government there to start “practicing its non-alignment policy” whilst the main opposition party has accused the government of the government of being “in favour of a global warmongerer and despot” and risking major consequences. The South African rand fell sharply on the news. The Guardian has more:


In the US

Regional banks remain under close observation and it looks like more could be heading to the wall. Yesterday shares in PacWest fell by 23% after it announced it had seen almost 10% of its deposits withdrawn last week. The bank has said it has plenty of liquidity to meet its needs and the share price has stabilized in after-hours trading. The LA based bank is small by almost any metric, but the nervousness from customers clearly remains and, in the world, where bad news travels faster than it probably ever has, does make contagion that much easier. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan has warned that more regulation is likely as a result of what’s going on, but he’s also asked regulators to investigate short-selling and possible collusion via social media. Reuters has more:

Turkey goes to the polls this weekend and the election is likely to be incumbent president Erdogan’s toughest challenge. Up until yesterday this was a four-horse race, with two contenders far more favored than the others (President Erdogan and Kemal Kilicdaroglu), but with polling numbers that saw both of them short of a 50% majority, that would have avoided a run-off later in the month. Yesterday though, one of the candidates withdrew and it is likely that their supporters could now switch their votes to Kilicdaroglu and this might just tip them over the edge and mean an end to nearly 20 years of Erdogan at the top of Turkish politics. Kilicdaroglu is eager to reverse Erdogan’s unconventional economic policies but, if he does win, change won’t come overnight.

International investors have been pulling cash out of the country consistently for almost a decade and though they’ll be keen to see change, they’re not likely to jump in with both feet straight away. Inflation in Turkey is currently around 50%, though that is down from 85% in October, whilst interest rates are ‘only’ 8.5% and GDP growth is below 1%. Foreign exchange reserves are practically non-existent as it’s all been spent in propping up the currency, which is trading at 20 lira to the Dollar, whereas only three years ago is was 6 and ten years ago it was below 2. Trading Turkish stocks, interest rates or the currency is a brave endeavour at the best of times and this week has seen volatility spike across the board, so ‘chaotic’ seems like an appropriate description of what we could see in the next few trading sessions.


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Nova Khakovka Dam Destroyed in Kherson, Ukraine

The vast Ukrainian Nova Khakovka Dam has been destroyed in the Russian occupied region of Kherson, Ukraine releasing a torrent of water as concerns for residents and nuclear power facilities up and downstream grows.

Think Tank Seeks Backing for UBI Trial

Plans have been unveiled for a Universal Basic Income (UBI) trial in the UK, with the think tank Autonomy currently seeking financial backing. It is hoped that the trial will span over two years with participants receiving £1,600 each month and being in control of how they spend or save the funds.

All Eyes on US Labour Market Data

Today all eyes are on US labour market data where the markets will be looking to gain an insight into the health of the US economy and the extent to which the jobs market is feeding into inflationary pressures ahead of the Fed’s meeting on 12 June.

House Passes Debt Ceiling Bill

Last night, the House comfortably passed the debt ceiling bill in arguably the most important stage in the process to ensure that the world’s largest economy averts a technical default. The House of Representatives cleared the Fiscal Responsibility Act by 314-117, the bipartisan deal assembled by President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Debt Ceiling Agreement to go to House Vote

Tonight, congress will vote on the bill agreed by President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, as the US tries to avert X-date by raising the debt ceiling. According to Reuters, “the deal caps federal spending and forces more poor people to work for food aid, concessions that Democrats hate. But it also preserves much of Biden's Inflation Reduction Act and punts the next debt ceiling showdown into 2025, which Republicans hate.”

Core, Blimey!

As markets weigh on the Bank of England’s interest rate decision on 22 June, this morning’s hotter-than-expected inflation print has seen investors upwardly revise rate hike expectations. Indeed, market reaction to this morning’s print is a further reaffirmation that inflation continues to be the hottest topic of conversation.

Erdogan Secures Another Five Years as Lira Plummets to Record Lows

The incumbent Recep Tayyip Erdogan has secured another five years as Turkey’s president following a run-off election which saw him take 52% of the votes, against Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s 48%

UK Retail Sales Rise

UK retail sales rose higher-than-expected this morning having increased 0.5% on a month-on-month basis for April. This beat market expectations of a 0.3% rise and came after a 1.2% fall last month.

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