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We provide tailored foreign exchange solutions to a global client base - from hedge funds to major commercial organisations. With world-class technology and incomparable expertise of the FX market, our team puts our clients at the centre of everything we do.

How We Work

Established in 2011, Hamilton Court is a market-leading foreign exchange brokerage authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We work in partnership with public and private institutions, corporate entities, and high net worth individuals across the globe to deliver meaningful value and build lasting relationships.

Our clients are at the forefront of everything we do and we work beyond traditional office hours so no matter if you are working late or starting early we are here to help.

HCFX are regulated in the UK, Europe and Canada, allowing us to provide bespoke treasury management solutions and expert service, whilst upholding the highest standards of best practice, client care and client outcomes.

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What We Do

We have the largest suite of hedging tools within the brokerage market.

What We Do

We have the largest suite of hedging tools within the brokerage market.

  • Hedging solutions

    Hamilton Court offers an unrivalled range of FX hedging solutions, along with a dedicated team of regulated professionals who provide bespoke solutions for our client’s requirements. In doing so, we help our clients navigate FX market volatility by utilising a range of products from simple hedging strategies to regulated structured products.

  • Treasury Management Powered by Emporos™

    We work alongside treasury functions and finance teams of all shapes and sizes to optimise their FX cashflow requirements, streamline payments and implement effective treasury policies.

  • Institutional FX

    We partner with clients across private equity, debt, infrastructure, venture capital and real estate to ensure that our offering is aligned to the unique needs of the investment community. Our bespoke solutions tailor made for our clients in this space and wealth of experience enable customers to effectively manage risk in an everchanging market.

Our Impact

We strive to deliver unprecedented results on a truly international scale.


  • Before I joined my current Company I had never heard of Hamilton Court and I was a tad sceptical that you could add value compared to our relationship with the banks: HSBC, BNP, Barclays, Lloyds and ING, all of whom I have worked with in the past. After nearly 3 months, I have a totally different opinion, your contribution to developing my knowledge and understanding of these complex instruments has been tremendous, your proposed transactions have been first rate at meeting our hedging requirements and transaction execution has been delightfully efficient (something I rarely say).

    FTSE250 company
  • HCFX provide valuable and flexible FX solutions that help our business to remain agile in volatile times.

    Treasury Executive International Personal Finance plc
  • Our Canadian company is a relatively new client of Hamilton Court. Almost all of our revenue is in USD while expenses are in CAD, so currency transfers are important for us. We are small, but Hamilton Court regularly and proactively reaches out to us to discuss our needs and their take on the currency markets. The interaction and dialogue today is more like what we would expect tomorrow as we grow larger, and that is refreshing. Their work for us is quick, efficient and competitive.

    CFO Private Canadian company
  • I have worked with Hamilton Court for several years, and have been extremely impressed with their level of expertise and professionalism.  They have a deep understanding of the foreign exchange market and are always able to provide valuable insights and strategies. Their guidance over the past years has enabled us to navigate the turbulent markets with success.

    Director – Group Finance PLC

Our Insights

A lot can impact the foreign exchange market and we have the experts to makse sense of it all. Our daily market reports give you news and insight, straight to your mailbox.

GBPZAR – 9 June 2023

Hopes of Anglo-US Trade Deal Dashed as Biden and Sunak Settle on ‘Atlantic Declaration’

Yesterday, President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unveiled their “Atlantic Declaration” which seeks to strengthen the countries economic ties, though the declaration merely stands in the place of a comprehensive trade agreement.

USDCAD – 7 June 2023

USDINR – 7 June 2023

JP Morgan’s Opinion in Focus

JP Morgan have made some interesting points in the last couple of days: speaking about the Fed meeting next week, they’re concerned that if the FOMC do press the pause button, but were then forced to resume rate hikes either in July, or after the summer, in the face of stubborn inflation, what would this do to risk appetite in the market, because it might be a bit unnerving to see that the central bank hasn’t got a firm grasp on the problem.

Halifax Index: UK House Prices Fall for First Time Since 2012

According to the Halifax house price index, the price of residential property fell for the first time since 2012. The 1% depreciation between May 2022 and May 2023 came in line with expectations as analysts assess the impact of higher interest rates on households.

Nova Khakovka Dam Destroyed in Kherson, Ukraine

The vast Ukrainian Nova Khakovka Dam has been destroyed in the Russian occupied region of Kherson, Ukraine releasing a torrent of water as concerns for residents and nuclear power facilities up and downstream grows.

Think Tank Seeks Backing for UBI Trial

Plans have been unveiled for a Universal Basic Income (UBI) trial in the UK, with the think tank Autonomy currently seeking financial backing. It is hoped that the trial will span over two years with participants receiving £1,600 each month and being in control of how they spend or save the funds.