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We have a core belief: teamwork makes the dream work. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients first, and find out what’s right for them before advising on the best course of action. Think of it as a working relationship where we do the heavy lifting and our clients guide us along the way.

Structured Products


With exceptional structuring skills, we provide clients with a broad and intuitive range of options and derivative structures. Benefits range from market out-performance to no-obligation hedging, enabling our clients to achieve more than they would otherwise be able to with vanilla products.

We offer

Vanillas Barrier Options Exotics Out-performance TARFs NDF's / NDO's

Spot, Forward and Swaps


With excellent counter-party relationships, we provide our clients with great access to the FX market. Our broad range of services allows us to facilitate any type of transaction in almost any location.

We offer

Spot Same Day Trades Forwards (up to five years) Swaps (uneven, multi leg, rolling) Foreign Currency Cash Flow Management

Market Orders


We use specific types of market orders to get the market working for our clients around the clock. Whether you’re targeting a specific level in line with your budget, or want to protect yourself from short-term downside, our dealing desk will place the right type of order for you and have it working for as much or as little time as you like.

We offer

Stop-Loss Trailing Stop Limits Order OCO WMR Fixings

Hedging Policies


We ensure hedging policies are fit for purpose, whether that’s scrutinising and evaluating an existing policy or writing one from the ground up. Policies not only need to mitigate risk and apply process – they also need to be practical, manageable and measurable. We design all of this into the policy and continually monitor its effectiveness, adapting and developing the policy as your business does.

We offer

Exisiting Policy Evaluation Policy Design Process Implementation Policy Monitoring Hedge Accounting compliance

Fund FX


Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Private Equity and beyond. We provide a multitude of services to financial institutions that helps them optimise their FX risk strategies. These include:

We offer

Hedge Effective Analysis Swap Tenor Optimisation Exotic and EM liquidity Long dated Swaps and Forwards Low and Limited Collateral arrangements
Annual FX turnover

Last year we converted $4bn of customers funds


In 2018/19 we grew revenues by more than 80%


We grew our global footprint by 100% last year

HamiltonCourt Established in 2011

We build our business around our people. Teams of exceptional individuals who understand the challenges our customers face.

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