• Strategic FX to Drive Commercial Impact

The difference between getting things done and getting things done right could be a good night’s sleep. It could also be hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Foreign exchange can either be really important to you, or a bit of an afterthought. For us, it’s pretty much everything we think about. And we work with our clients to solve the challenges that working internationally brings.

How We Work

Robust treasury and risk management services are the bread and butter of doing international and global business.

Yet, perhaps surprisingly, such services are not easy to find.

Banks simply stopped providing this sort of support after the global financial crisis. They saw it as a cost without reward.

And the small foreign exchange companies never did them at all.

Which raises a question: If you’re not a multibillion-pound business with in-house skills and resources, who can you turn to for some support?

Welcome to Hamilton Court FX.

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What We Do

We have the largest suite of hedging tools within the brokerage market.

What We Do

We have the largest suite of hedging tools within the brokerage market.

  • Hedging Solutions

    There are plenty of ways to mitigate risk. We help you find the right one.

    With an unrivalled suite of FX hedging products, and a team of treasury experts, we’ve got what it takes to understand your challenges and deliver a solution.

  • Treasury Management

    Working alongside business of all shapes and sizes, we’re used to being proactive, or reactive. Making up a small part of the treasury process, or completely managing the process.

    We stand up when we’re needed and sit back when we’re not. It’s your business, and we’re here to help.

  • Institutional FX

    Global financial markets are a big space to operate in. Whether you’re a hedge fund, PE, debt, infrastructure or venture capital, we can help you navigate them.

    The investment landscape can be challenging. With your foreign exchange taken care of by us, there’s one less thing to think about.

Our Impact

We strive to deliver unprecedented results on a truly international scale.


  • Your contribution to developing my knowledge and understanding of these complex instruments has been tremendous, your proposed transactions have been first rate at meeting our hedging requirements and transaction execution has been delightfully efficient (something I rarely say).

    FTSE250 company
  • Hamilton Court provide valuable and flexible FX solutions that help our business to remain agile in volatile times.

    Treasury Executive International Personal Finance PLC
  • We are small, but Hamilton Court regularly and proactively reaches out to us to discuss our needs and their take on the currency markets. The interaction and dialogue today is more like what we would expect tomorrow as we grow larger, and that is refreshing. Their work for us is quick, efficient and competitive.

    CFO Private Canadian company
  • I have worked with Hamilton Court for several years, and have been extremely impressed with their level of expertise and professionalism. They have a deep understanding of the foreign exchange market and are always able to provide valuable insights and strategies. Their guidance over the past years has enabled us to navigate the turbulent markets with success.

    Director – Group Finance PLC

Our Insights

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