No consideration of sustainability adverse impacts

The following statement is made and published by Hamilton Court FX (HCFX) in line with Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

In short, the aforementioned regulation requires financial market participants to present data on their investments on a precontractual basis as well as on their website in the form of a period report. While the regulation is effective form 10 March 2021, the periodic reports are only required from Jan 2022, and as these will need to be written by 30 June each year for the period of previous calendar year, the very first reports are expected to be published in 2023.

However, as the ESMA clarified in February 2021, “the disclosure of derivatives should be limited to where they are used for speculative purposes to achieve the sustainability characteristic or objective of the financial product.”

In line with Section 3 Article 11 of the above linked paper published by ESMA; HCFX clarifies that its investment operations and products are limited to currency derivatives used to hedge against currency risk exposures and have no direct environmental sustainability impacts. HCFX does not invest on its own behalf, purely in line with instructions received from its clients and on their behalf. Please also note that at present, HCFX only offers investment services to clients qualifying as professional according to the definitions included in the FCA Handbook.

In case of material changes to the above, HCFX shall publish a new, amended statement accurately reflecting HCFX’s updated stance regarding its investment operations and their impacts on environmental sustainability.


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